Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adams to Stutz in 14 days!

Will and I will be married two weeks from today! After an 11 month engagement, it seems hard to believe that this day is actually almost here. Oh, and today I take bridal portraits! I'm so excited to put on my dress and break in my wedding shoes. ;) I am happy that the wedding planning is coming to an end and a new beginning is on the horizon. My photographer is AMAZING and we have some really great ideas for today. I am most excited to mimic a photo of my mother-in-law to be on her wedding day. Let's just hope it turns out... I'll be sure to post both photos after the wedding... stay tuned!

Yesterday marked the beginning of spring break. Let's just say between completing the TAKS test and guiding my kids through writing a research paper, I really, really needed a break from my kids for their personal safety. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my 11th graders but that's the problem... I love them enough to drag them through the two most important tasks they undertake in the 11th grade. Yesterday I also was fortunate to speak some of my favorite people on the phone-Brady, Kelley, Leslie, and of course, my mom and Will. It was so good to talk to my friends and get filled in on their lives. I am so fortunate to have such faithful friends and family. It certainly makes me miss home! I can't wait to see Leslie this week and my entire wedding party on the weekend of March 20th!!!!

Two more weeks! Two more weeks!!!!!!

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