Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4th, thank goodness!

Today marks the official end of my first year of teaching. I have turned in my grade reports, attendance reports, key checks, etc., etc. I am relieved that I made it through this CRAZY year! I have been so blessed to have shared this past year with 110 16 year olds who have made a tremendous impact on my life. While I do care deeply about this group of kids I'm definitely ready for a new start, (with new rules!) with new kids, and a new classroom (with a window). So far I am still teaching 11th American Lit. but there is a possibility that I will teach Pre-AP too! Wouldn't that be the bomb???

Today was a very busy last day of school as we honored our seniors with a commencement ceremony. I am so proud of our students at MHS! Way to go Panthers 2010! Even though teaching is ALWAYS an emotional (and sometimes physical) strain, days like these remind me of why I teach. The students are why I am there- their hugs, their smiles, their brilliance, their gratitude, their commitment, and their futures. NO negativity, NO poor administrative choices (ha!), NO broken classroom doors (another story for another blog...) can stop me from continuing my important work with students. As I take this much needed break from all things related to high school, I certainly cannot wait to be new another group of 16 year olds ready to start their junior year in Miss Adams (wait, Mrs. Stutz this year!) in junior English!

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